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Team Training – The Best fields, the Best Training….only at the Superdome…all year long!

Our Facilities

Want the best environment for your players? The best training and trainers?

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Sports Offered

More than sixty different soccer, lacrosse, field hockey and other sports programs, clubs and teams utilize the Superdome not just in the Winter but in more than two seasons during the year. Many rent by the day, week, month, season and year. We can put together very affordable multi-season rental packages at a price that would surprise you and give you access to perfect training conditions all year long.
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Need a Trainer?

Our club-neutral Elite Training Group coaches are available to help your program. Whether its soccer, lacrosse or field hockey, the Superdome has access to the best clue neutral coaches around! Our ETG coaches are are leaders in the industry… inspired and inspiring. It’s important that athletes experience different training techniques, curriculums, and coaching personalities. If your team would like to complement your existing training by utilizing our ETG coaches, or if your coach has a conflict and you need a temporarily fill-in…give us a call!

We have many teams of various clubs and programs that take advantage of our field and coach pairings to supplement and complement the programs offered by their Clubs. However and whenever we can help, our ETG coaches are there to ensure your players get the very best training so they can become their best.

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