Superdome Fair Lawn Registration

The Superdome is a year-round indoor and outdoor sports facility offering the finest and widest range of training classes and clinics in the Northeast. The Superdome offers 52 weeks of programming, sports classes, clinics, extended clinics, leagues, tournaments, field rentals and more. You can register for any of our programs at any time during the class sessions and we will prorate any registration fees. Contact our front office for mid-term prorated registrations.




Elite Training - Soccer - Fall, Winter, Spring

Top quality players require Elite Training. The Superdome’s Elite Training program is run by the highest caliber trainers and coaches in the Northeast.  Ramapo College Head Coach, DJ Pinton has over 15 years experience and is in the College Athletic Hall of Fame.

Our Elite Training players typically are members of high quality club programs elsewhere and use our Elite Training to supplement their club programs.

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Soccer Foot Skills

Learn dribbling, penetration, fakes and other techniques to beat opponents on the dribble. Technical development is the most critical aspect of a youth player's development. Work on advanced ball handling and movement in these intense, fast footwork sessions. And the Superdome Footskills Clinics are one of the best ways to elevate your game to the next level.

Soccer Finishing & Striking

Boost goal-scoring ability. Strike the ball clean and with power. Learn a variety of ball striking and volleying techniques, positioning vs. defenders and much more for success in the offensive end of the field. Learn techniques to exploit 1v1, 2v1 and odd-man opportunities.

Touch, Move & Score

Build skills that bring your game to the next level, with training from pros experienced at developing young players. Essential ball handling, movement and finishing skills that are key to success. Learn to trap and change direction with one touch, using your second touch to strike the ball on frame, or to distribute and to change direction.

Superdome Goalkeeper Training School

Superdome GoalKeeper Training School will help goalies gain technical and tactical mastery of their position. The training curriculum touches on every aspect of the goalkeeper position including strength and fitness instruction as well as competitive and psychological training.

Sports Fitness Youth Class

1st - 4th grade: Basic activities using body weight and light free weight techniques with proper form.

5th - 8th grade: We increase training intensity in preparation for sports competitions.

9th - 12th grade: Agility, strength and explosive focused technique to excel with advanced performance.

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Adult Futsal - Pickup Soccer

Come by yourself or bring your pals. A great chance to stay fit and on top of your soccer skills with other great adult players. Pay per session.

Rising Stars


All Sports Class

Our popular All Sports Class will expose your young player to a variety of sports and games. These classes will foster a love of sports and a passion for exercise and fitness. The fun and active classes will work on fundamentals that can be applied to specific sports as the child develops. Classes are 55 minutes.

Flag Football / Rising Stars

Our Sport-specific classes give your young Rising Star a chance to focus on the sport they love. Your player will get a taste of basic football skills including catching, throwing, fitness, speed and agility. This is a non-competitive environment, and the focus still remains on fun and exercise while concentrating on learning about the game of football. Classes are 55 minutes.

Intro to Soccer / Rising Stars

This class gives your Rising Star a chance to learn about soccer. Throughout the session your player will get a taste of basic soccer skills in a fun, non-competitive environment. Children will play games and get plenty of exercise while learning to love the game of soccer. Classes are 55 minutes.

Soccer Skills 101 / Rising Stars

This class gives your Rising Star a chance to concentrate specifically on the game of soccer. Throughout the session your player will learn basic soccer skills including dribbling, passing, and shooting while working on their movement and agility. This is a fun, non-competitive environment, and your player will get plenty of exercise while learning to love the game of soccer. Classes are 55 minutes.

Intramural Soccer

Fun opportunity for your future soccer star to play games. 55 minutes.

Introduction to Lacrosse / Rising Stars

This class gives players an opprortunity to learn the fundamentals of lacrosse. Coaches will teach basic skills including cradling, catching, passing, and shooting. If you don't have a stick we will provide one for use during class. Classes are 55 minutes.

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Intro to Baseball / Rising Stars

This class will teach players the fundamentals and foster a love of baseball. Children will work on basic skills such as throwing, catching, hitting and running and have plenty of fun. Classes are 55 minutes.

Ninja Warrior / Rising Stars

All sports, tumbling on mats, and ropes – develop confidence, strength, power, agility, and flexibility while having fun!

Create-a-Class / Rising Stars

If you don't see it on the schedule don't worry - we can create it!!

Our Create-A-Class is our most popular Rising Star program. If you have a group of friends or teammates, we can put together a session for your group specifically tailored to your needs. If you and your friends want an additional class specializing in a certain sport or activity, or would like to ensure you are all in a group together, or of the same skill level, let us know!

Call (201) 796-8000 for details and to put together your own Create-a-Class!

Tiny Stars

Tiny Stars Multi Sport Class

A unique sports class for children ages 1 & 2. Fun, social interaction, motor skill development, and balance.
45 minute multi-sports classes - sports include soccer, baseball, football and basketball.

All Sports

Ninja Warrior

All sports, tumbling on mats, and ropes – develop confidence, strength, power, agility, and flexibility while having fun!

Fitness Training

Adult Full Body Fitness

This class targets your full body for a complete strengthening and calorie-burning workout! Includes Full Body Fitness, Lower Body & Core, All Around HIIT, Upper Body Grind, and HIIT Boxing.

Youth Sports Conditioning

Enhancing your child’s performance ability! Includes using body weight techniques with proper form and body alignment before moving on to gradually increased free weights, and agility, strength, and explosive focused technique.


Boys Lacrosse Clinics

Professional instruction from coaches experienced at developing great LAX players. Develop and refine fundamentals key to success: stickwork (basic and advanced), defensive technique, attack tactics, face-offs and more.

Girls Lacrosse Clinics

Run by top coaches and trainers from the top local clubs and colleges, a great program for aspiring female lacrosse athletes.


Youth Baseball Clinics

Superdome Baseball clinics will prepare your young player for the upcoming spring season and ensure they are ready to enjoy their spring season.

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Football Combine

Football focused training to enhance and sharpen technique and skill sets of each player. Position specific training will focus on injury prevention, strength, movement efficiency, and power in a progressed program based on advanced athleticism capacity.

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Leagues & Tournaments

Adult Futsal League

8 game season in a climate controlled environment. Includes a playoff tournament to determine Division Champions with awards for best teams and players. Individual players are welcome to join our House Team as free agents – call for details!

Summer Clinics



Our Create-a-Clinics are some of our most popular, especially this summer. These programs provide an intimate, customized program for your family, friends and teammates. You pick the kids and sports, we will provide the space and the counselors or coaches. Call (201) 796-8000 or email [email protected] for more information, pricing and availability!

Superdome Fair Lawn registration is coming soon.

All Sport Camp

Our All-Sports Camp offers the kids the ability to enjoy all the most popular sports such as soccer, football, basketball, kickball, dodge ball and many other fun activities in a safe and exciting environment.

Pre-School All Sports Summer Camps

Give your young star a chance to run, play, laugh and learn on our spectacular fields — a great workout in any weather! Kids ages 4 to 6 will get exposed to a variety of sports to develop key fundamentals.

Holiday Clinics

All Sports Holiday Camps

Our most popular multi-sport clinics take place on the various holidays and vacation weeks. Kids love to play sports when they are off from school and our Holiday Clinics are a great way for them to spend the day! We offer single days (full and half) and multiple days (full and half) - If you don't see these options listed, call (201) 796-8000 to register.

Soccer Holiday Camps

Superdome Sports hosts a large number of high caliber soccer clinics throughout the calendar year. Teacher’s Convention Soccer Clinic, Christmas Week Soccer Clinic, Presidents Week Clinic Soccer Clinic, and many more. We offer single days (full and half) and multiple days (full and half) – If you don’t see these options listed, call (201) 796-8000 to register.